Patch-thru Calls

The two most common uses of patch-thru calls is to mobilize your constituency to express their position on an important issue, or to filter and engage the most enthusiastic members of a community.

Our patch-thru service begins with the automated delivery of a recorded message. This includes the prompt for people to press 1 to be transferred, or to press 9 to opt out of future calls. The opt-out feature completely changes the voter’s attitude towards the call. It facilitates live conversations with the most intensely interested members of the community, who self-filter themselves for the next level of engagement. 

We dial every number on your list and play your recorded message. Live answers will be invited to press 1 (or press 9 to opt out). A version of your message without the patch-thru instructions will be played to voicemail.


      • * Dedicated local caller ID number enhances live answer rate
      • * Audio processing, editing, and optimization of all voice recordings
      • * Professional voice talent available
      • * Summary reports and detailed call logs

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